Privacy Policy

We have some privacy policy at Before using or browsing our website all users explicitly consent to agree all the terms of our privacy policy. We assume that our users know our privacy policy and all the information they submitting on our website is on their sweet will. At we always collect some data from your Mobile/Computer/Tablet. We only collect these data when you visit our website. We collect these data or information to serve you a better web browsing experience. You might be thinking why and which data do we collect from your device. Well, you have the right to know the reasons behind collecting information from your device. To have a better idea about this please continue to read the full page.

How and which Data/Information do we gather from you?

With the steps below we gather data or information from your device. Automatically collected data: We use third-party applications like Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools. We use these tools to do a deep analysis of our visitors behavior (i.e location, retention time, page views). These apps may store your IP address, your location, your time zone, your total clicks on We use these apps just to know details about our website’s status and do an analysis to make better content or user-friendly website design for our visitors. Data from Pixel tags and Browser Cookies: Cookies are generally used or collected to serve you with better ads, or offers valid for your location. It’s up to you to accept or reject cookies. Most modern website browsers like chrome, firefox are normally set to accept almost all kinds of cookies by default. You can change this setting anytime you want. Right now, at we do not collect cookies from your browser; however, our third-party apps might use cookies. Pixel Tags: Pixel Tags are used to read cookies from your Browser. It helps to track your browsing activities or behavior and show you the best offer or ads based on your cookies. Currently, we do not monetize our website with any ad publishing agency. But we might use it in the future. Data from your own wish: On any of our content we may collect our user’s emails, name, location etc to send promotional offers or any updates related to our website or anything else. We assume that you are willingly submitting your personal details on such forms and you are agreeing to receive promotional offers or newsletters from us. We do not control ads displayed to you or any kind of outbound links.