About us

I am Md. Mojammel Haque. I have completed my SSC in 2015, HSC 2017 and I am studying for a bachelor degree. During my SSC and HSC, I used to live in my different hostel. I used to do tuition and earn some money by teaching junior students in my student life. Sometimes I felt in need of different books for my study and getting prepared for teaching others (tuition). It was quite difficult to buy all the books that I needed as I was not rich enough. Few times there was no money to buy books in my wallet and that time I need to borrow books from my friends.

Although Education is infinity there is no end of Education; I did complete the highest level of education available in my country. I do not live in a hostel today; don’t have to ask my parents to send me some money for this month event I am sending money to my parents every month.

From the time of living in my Hall Room, I had a dream. I wanted to help students like me. Now I have everything and I have opened this website to share different Textbooks, Note Books, Reference Book, Story Books and Novels on this website in the form of a PDF.

My younger friend is helping me to make my dream come true. I will try my level best to upload almost all kinds of textbooks to this website. I love story books to read in my spare time and this is why I will share popular storybooks on http://pdfdrive.tk too.